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About Us

Who we are

Education Advantage is a collective of specialists, teachers, learners, engineers and consultants who are professionally dedicated to empowering the education sector. We don’t work in the retail or corporate markets, instead we entirely invest our time with educators and the teams who support them.

As a personalised group we believe in long term partnerships and we like to give people a reason for having them with us. Some of our clients span almost a decade across various organisations and have continually followed us as consultants throughout several organisations.

It’s performance we’re proud of and stand by.

What we do

Our team comprises of people who cover all things consulting, professional learning facilitators who are registered teachers, folks who source solutions your educators might need and engineers who make it all work smoothly together.

Why we do it

We genuinely care about the quality of learning being delivered by educators today. We have a strong belief that education is the core foundation needed for driving positive change in our communities.

Either as previous students or as current educators ourselves it’s a personal passion to improve learning outcomes and to help promote better engagement by blending technology into the delivery of curriculum.