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Digital Services

The quality of your school’s digital presence is becoming an increasing influence in the decision-making process for families of potential students. 

  • Online services including website design, hosting, newsletters, and blogs
  • Easy to use website content management systems for simple and quick in-house updates
  • Personalised webstores for school booklists, uniforms, and BYOD
  • Professional photography for school communication portfolios
  • High end video capture and post production for lighthouse media

You already know how fantastic your school is and what happens daily within your classrooms and grounds. How easily can you currently share those stories to your families and broader community? 

Effectively promoting your school is no longer an optional exercise, with a direct link between community perception and digital presence impacting upon enrolments. 

Parents and guardians are, like most educators, increasingly time poor and will often do their research online as the first steps to selecting which school they will apply for their child to attend. 

They’ll also quickly draw conclusions about how well a future student will be technologically supported by the strength and professionalism of their findings. 

The most regularly overlooked (and powerful) community communication tool is often your school website.

Our web team can help build a well designed, content rich, and up-to-date presence, essential for showcasing your school in the best possible light, while delivering the right message of digital commitment for your students to the   wider community.  

Share your school’s story anywhere, anytime

The number of people who expect to interact with your school through mobile platforms is also growing rapidly. 

Traditional web design is not suited to, and often not compatible with, modern smart devices. We can help by making sure your information is always easily accessible and even designed to support special needs requirements (Vision impaired etc.).

Online webstores

Having your own integrated online webstore allows your families to easily purchase uniforms, books or even pre-approved BYOD devices/bundles (via a vendor of your choice), saving them both time and money.

Each portal can also be geared to provide a community engagement forum, and become a single destination for acceptable student use policies or any other documentation you would like to share. 

Client focused website management tools

When maintaining a web presence keeping your content current can be a daunting task, especially for those who are time-poor.

We make sure all that the Content Management Systems (CMS) we deploy for school websites are simple to use, yet offer great power and flexibility to deliver enriched content to your whole community.


Beautiful photography can quickly capture the things you love most about your school and can easily be utilised in many formats including web, print and video. 

Our internationally experienced creative team can work with you to create unique and engaging imagery that communicates the culture and passion of your institution.

Video production

Digital storytelling is an incredibly powerful way for your community to emotionally connect with the information you need
to share about your school.

It’s an extremely versatile media format and, unlike paper-based marketing, is virtually free to reproduce and share online. 

We can help you define your message and create a digital prospectus, lighthouse a particular program or simply share the story of your school with an immersive, narrated, virtual tour while providing insight into your heritage, culture and philosophy.

Safe schools

Every member of our team is accredited with the national Working With Children clearance. We also ensure that appropriate media release forms are supplied for parent/guardian use to cover legal requirements of creating digital content for your school.