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Professional Learning

As teachers, we strive to engage our students through an individualised journey. As adults, our own personal learning needs are exactly the same. 

  • Our professional learning facilitators are all registered teachers with classroom history and experience
  • Authentic engagements designed to build capability and support networks within your school for educators
  • Blended mix of one-to-one, one-to-many, team teaching, lesson planning, leadership, and coaching models
  • Teachers are engaged in diverse, integrated technology experiences within their own environment 

In education we often talk about finding ways to connect with our students via their own individual learning style.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that, as adults, we continue to have those very same needs when it comes to our own learning.

We genuinely believe that a fundamental shift is required to provide transformative learning experiences for our students. For this change to occur we need to provide ongoing, individualised, and transformative learning experiences for our educators.

There is also a significant, impactful, and very real difference between training and professional learning. 

Training, under the guise of ‘professional learning’, is regularly delivered via non-teaching personnel who simply don’t understand pedagogy or how to embark on a valuable discussion relating to curriculum.

Every one of our professional learning facilitators is a registered educator with a classroom teaching history. 

As educators ourselves, we are able to connect authentically with teachers to share our insights and learning across all areas of curriculum. 

We understand the everyday challenges faced by teachers in modern classrooms and support your educators throughout their own personalised learning journey.

A look under the hood

We know that actions speak louder than words and quite often development can sound good on paper but not always deliver long-term change. 

Our course architect designs ongoing experiences from multiple models around the world to capture best practice, providing a clear and effective path for growth.

To ensure our professional learning provides a transformative experience, we first reference the five stage learning model described by Joyce and Showers.

Courses first establish a foundation level of technological knowledge to build from.

The framework developed by Mishra and Koehler, known as ‘TPACK’, then informs the building of knowledge educators will undertake in our experiences.

Connections are then made between the technological knowledge and the pedagogical and content knowledge of the participants.

When creating and planning lessons, participants will do so informed by the internationally recognised work of Dr. Ruben Puentedura and his SAMR model. 

This model is leveraged to help define levels of use while also providing common language through which educators can assess their own, and peer, lesson designs.

Our five stage learning framework

  • Delivery of theory
  • Demonstration
  • Experience of practice
  • Feedback and reflection
  • Improvement via coaching

Personal empowerment

We aim to empower and excite teachers with the tools and knowledge to be able to deliver otherwise inconceivable learning experiences that lead to enriched, engaging outcomes.

Our facilitators deliver ongoing and personalised programs for teachers to ensure the best results in developing or improving a culture of digital adoption within your school.

For the best results we work closely with you and identified groups of teachers on developing their capacity for effective use, blended course design, and thought leadership.

We understand that development requires connected experiences, relevant content, and, most importantly, the continued opportunity for reflection to grow capability.

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