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Professional Services

For an educator, technology is so much more than just a device or a collection of systems. It’s an enabler of engaging learning experiences.

  • Strategic consultancy for digital program direction 
  • Phased service model transitions 
  • SOE build and provision, integration, and deployment services
  • Ongoing development of in-house technical staff capabilities

While our engineers make sure things will go ‘beep’ when they should, a key priority of our team is helping educational environments navigate change. 

While change is an expected part of the process, it can be one of the most difficult experiences to manage, or even define, when schools face the speed at which technology evolves. 

By building a strong technical roadmap, fully aligned with the teaching and learning goals of your school, the conversation ceases to revolve around the technology itself and evolves into how these tools can best be used to support a rich learning experience for your students.

By fully integrating all aspects of your technical and learning ecosystem together, traditional silos are removed. 

We also provide a balanced mix of strategy design, services, systems, knowledge transfer, and continuous review to streamline the delivery of digital tools seamlessly. 

Our team can help by leveraging existing investments to ensure that the full range
of your technologies are integrated.

Most importantly, we focus on working with your learning and technical leadership to build strategic pathways, transition beyond outdated systems, and leverage new, innovative solutions.

Teach a tech to fish

With the evolving advent of new management technologies and tools, it becomes vitally important that development of your technical team is supported via exposure to leading solutions.

Before, during, and after deployments we work with local technical staff to maximise their understanding of how the technology works best for them. 

Rather than presenting training in a sterile and remote lab space, we aim to empower staff with the knowledge of how to use technologies within their local environment.

We don’t believe that just coming in and doing technical work for our schools builds any level of ongoing capability or growth.

We believe that knowledge transfer and engagement of your team on the ground is mission critical to constantly improve existing in-house abilities and build localised support for your school. 

Because we bring a practical working knowledge of legacy and new integrative technologies we can equip your staff with the capability to support, maintain and advance those technologies by learning what works for them. 

Just as importantly, they also learn what will not work based upon our practical experiences from over 30 years of previous integration and deployments Australia-wide.

As educational specialists in supporting cross-platform integration and mobile computing environments, we’re able to provide a full cycle of services to assist.

Strategy, design, and implementation

  • Independently working with your leadership to define the direction of your technology program, the services your educators need to deliver transformative learning experiences and the path for ongoing implementation, transition and operation. 

Solution Specific

  • Digital program technical ecosystems
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Integration and network services
  • SOE design, build, and deployment
  • Wireless infrastructure consultation, mapping, design, and deployment
  • Google Apps and cloud services
  • Contracted managed services